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enCorps drives agility, productivity and execution excellence - whether you run a small team or a multinational conglomerate.

It is unmatched in the breadth, depth and integration of capabilities to manage work across distributed and collaborative teams. Through flexible configuration, integrated information, and an advanced user interface that sets the bar for web-delivered applications, organizations will find enCorps to be the catapult they need to achieve truly exceptional results.

Issue Management

Issues are at the core of the enCorps platform. However, enCorps is much more than an issue management tool.

Issues serve as a collection point for all of the communications, documents, and other information surrounding some piece of work that needs to get done.

Issue types are configurable to represent any kind of work or collaborative process such as: deliverables, action items, change requests, defects, risks, suggestions, feature requests, help desk tickets, or really anything you can imagine.

Document Management

enCorps document management facilities provide full version control of documents with all versions readily accessible and time stamped. Combined with a robust and simple security model, enCorps document management ensures simple yet powerful document management.

Work Process / Requests

enCorps work process and request facilities allows users to collaborate and track the work they do with others.

Time Tracking

enCorps time sheets are simple to use while providing enough detail to build accurate and meaningful metrics.


Messaging provides a simple and powerful mechanism to facilitate and track communications within enCorps. It has the look and feel of a desktop email application to ensure familiarity and ease of use. The messaging facility is an excellent mechanism to gather, organize, and give context to your communications over time.


enCorps global search is a huge productivity enhancer. enCorps allows you to quickly locate and filter content with a few keywords.


Wikis allow you to create, manage and share content and knowledge across the enterprise, within domains, workspaces and projects.

Advanced, Intuitive User Interface

Nothing will kill productivity and online tool adoption faster than a poorly designed or poorly performing application. The enCorps platform incorporates the latest in web technologies and design with advanced features that provide a consistent, familiar, and intuitive user interface. This shortens the learning curve and enables quick rollout, making users productive quickly.

Rapid, Flexible Configuration

We’ve designed the enCorps platform to meet the needs of any process. Templates, global configuration settings, and individual workspace configuration allow enCorps to be configured rapidly and fine tuned to meet the specific needs for your projects and teams.

Robust, Enterprise Grade Security

enCorps was designed to scale from very small to very large enterprises. As such it comes with very robust, scalable, and manageable security.


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