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enCorps is an on-demand project management and collaboration platform that enables organizations and teams to execute better.

enCorps manages your projects, issues, content, and work across the enterprise while providing the collaboration features that supercharge execution, increase productivity, and maintain accountability.

enCorps works the way you naturally work, using the tools that you already use, delivered on a common platform that allows you to connect issues, documents and communications to the work you are doing. This enables you to locate and leverage information faster and more effectively.

enCorps enables you to quickly and easily...

enCorps' Key Benefits

Information in Context - enCorps connects people to the information they need to get their jobs done while allowing them to work naturally. enCorps was built with the end user in mind.

Delivered On-demand - enCorps is delivered on-demand, in a browser with minimal configuration. This means no software to install or maintain. Your resources can access enCorps from anywhere in the world - and create value wherever they are.

Focus on Execution - Getting it done is what it's all about. enCorps is all about getting it done. enCorps ensures accountability because of the visibility of ongoing work and provides the ability to understand the root causes of delays and changes.

Cross-Barrier Collaboration - enCorps is excellent for managing teams and projects. Where it truly excels is anywhere cross-barrier collaboration is required to get something done. Whether it is IT and business user, vendor and client, or complex, multi-party arrangements - motivations and agendas will differ and accountability is always difficult to maintain.

Accountability - enCorps eliminates much of the inevitable finger pointing because it provides a view of status and accountability that everyone agrees on. enCorps also provides visibility to all through open access to information. It stops many issues and questions from arising in the first place keeping everyone focused on moving things forward.  

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